Longboat Limousine Fleet

Longboat Limousine offers new model luxury sedans, stretch limousines, limousine vans and luxury SUVs. Our vehicles are kept clean and comfortable for our clients and our professional chauffeur services are second to none.

Cadillac Sedans

Up to 2 Passengers

We have a fleet of new model Cadillac XTS sedans. These top of the line luxury vehicles offer comfort and all safety features. All vehicles are black in color and offer comfortable seating for 2 passengers and a fair amount of luggage. The Cadillac XTS exceeds your expectations in what a luxury sedan should be.

Cadillac XTS-XL

Up to 3 Passengers
A quite unique upgraded luxury vehicle is now available. Longboat Limousine has had several of these custom built limousine sedans made for our clients enjoyment. These offer an extra 7 inches of rear seat leg room, and oversized rear doors for ease of egress. They also have a subtle raised roof which offers a luxurious rear seat area that is not available in any other car. This vehicle is an excellent choice for longer trips as you can really make yourself comfortable.

Mercedes-Benz Sedan

Up to 2 Passengers

An addition to our fleet is this long-wheelbase S-Class Mercedes-Benz. This model is world-renowned as the best luxury sedan at any price. Our Mercedes-Benz offers it’s rear-seat passengers extra leg room and personal amenities. An incredibly smooth ride and discrete limousine-style comfort await you in this fine touring sedan.

Luxury SUV

Up to 6 Passengers

We offer several luxury SUV’s for larger groups or even a couple with extra luggage, etc. These are black on black top of the line, Chevrolet Suburban’s, with full leather interior and all luxury options. These are known as the industry standard for group or family transportation. The ability to carry over 40 cubic feet of luggage and cargo makes this the best choice for families.

An armored version is available for special security needs (specifications available upon request).

Mercedes Metris Van

Up to 6 Passengers

A new arrival to the United Stated, this luxury vehicle is now available to our clients.  This Mercedes Benz Van has similar seating and luggage capacity to our SUV’s; but the added feature of rear sliding doors for ease of egress, and more third row legroom make it an excellent choice for 2 or 3 couples out on the town or to social functions.  It offers understated class and luxury for larger groups.

Stretch Limousine

Up to 10 Passengers

Longboat Limousine offers a beautiful 10 passenger stretch limousine for special occasions or large groups.  This vehicle offers full leather interior, upgraded stereo system and large bar area for your group’s enjoyment.

Green Initiatives

We are very sensitive to our environmental footprint; after all we live in the most beautiful area in the world! Our entire fleet uses synthetic oils and fluids (no petroleum!). Our newest LimoVan is a flexfuel vehicle. Our Cadillac Limousines actually get up to 20mpg and seat up to 10 passengers. The industry accepted term is PMPG. Passenger Miles Per Gallon. This means that our Cadillac Limousines are actually more environmentally sensitive than a Prius! Our new boat uses all synthetic fluids (no petroleum!). This vessel is a tier 2 Ultra Low Emissions vehicle as well as being high output! Longboat Limousine utilizes a vendor that collects and recycles ALL used oils and fluids! All used newspaper products are recycled as well as all beverage containers. These efforts all require a little more work and expense….But isn’t it worth it!

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