Limousine and Car Service Questions FAQs

Can alcohol be consumed in the vehicles?
Yes, as long as the persons drinking are over the age of 21, alcoholic beverages can be consumed. In the state of Florida; open containers are ONLY allowed in for-hire vehicles. We will gladly stock any items that you desire, and simply add the cost to the bill. For your convenience, we provide ice, champagne flutes and rocks glasses.
What type of media entertainment systems are on board the vehicles?
TV/ DVD, fully upgraded stereo sound system (some with satellite radio), Fiber Optic lights, Neon Lights, and additional lighting in most vehicles. This varies slightly with each model.
What types of payment do you accept?
What are your hours of operation?
We are available for your limousine needs 24 hours a day/ every day of the year.
What areas does your company provide transportation service in?
We cover the ENTIRE state of Florida. Will gladly leave the state if you desire for longer trips.
If my flight is late arriving, am I charged?
We do not charge you a fee for late arrival. We track your flight online so we know exactly when you arrive. We do charge for additional stops along the way home, if needed.
Can I request a specific chauffeur?
Of course, our customer always comes first. If they are available, we will assign them to your job.
Will my credit card be charged if I need to cancel?
As long as you give us 24 hour notice, your credit card WILL NOT be charged
Why are some company’s rates so much lower?
We maintain our fleet, by top mechanics. Our current model vehicles are detailed daily. Our drivers receive top professional pay, because this guarantees that our valued clients receive impeccable service and product. Believe it or not many of this area’s transportation operators have vehicles that are not maintained adequately. Even more concerning is the fact that they may not be insured properly; or even licensed to carry passengers for hire – presenting a low rate. Be very suspicious if you receive a quote that is very low.
What types of events does Longboat Limousine service?
Any event that you would desire transportation for. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable, luxurious ride to the airport, sporting events, weddings or a fun night on the town, we’ve got you covered!
Why should I choose Longboat Limousine?

Our professional chauffeurs are thoroughly screened and drug tested prior to employment. Our fleet of current model vehicles sets the standard in this area and will not disappoint. We offer new model Cadillac sedans. Our Cadillac Limousines are designed by us to serve our clients better. They offer raised roofs, extended doors, and additional curbside door to allow easy entry and exit. NOBODY else offers these types of unique vehicles. Longboat Limousine is also the ONLY service in our area that offers Armored Vehicles. 

Can cigars be smoked in the vehicles?
No smoking of any kind is allowed in the vehicles, however if you want to smoke please let your chauffeur know and he will gladly pull over at a safe location and allow you to exit the vehicle to smoke.
How would I make a reservation for services?
You can call 941-383-1235. Toll-Free 1-800-525-4661. Or LONGBOATLIMOUSINE@YAHOO.COM
Is a deposit required?
Yes, in most cases a deposit is required. Pricing dependant on specific packaging.
How many passengers fit into your limousines comfortably?
Our Cadillac Limousines have been designed by us to serve you better. Our largest vehicle is a 10 passenger Cadillac. But BEWARE; many operators will call this length of stretch limousine a 12 or even 14 passenger. Your 10 passengers will actually be comfortable! We have made these cars to fit adults…not prom kids. With a raised roof and lowered flat floor; you have more room. They also utilize oversized rear doors and an additional oversized curbside door. We have designed these in direct conjunction with Cadillac engineers and our coachbuilder, LCW, a Master Coachbuilder located in Texas. These cars have twice the air conditioning capacity of most limousines as well as aircraft style insulation to handle our Florida heat. We are very proud of these unique vehicles and will gladly arrange a personal viewing so that you can see first-hand how much more room they offer versus a standard ‘off the rack’ limousine that our competitors use. We are proud to say that one of these cars was actually in the Cadillac Calendar for the year after it was built, and another one was displayed by the coachbuilder (LCW) at the national limousine show for its unique design. This Cadillac also remained on the Cadillac website for interior design for over a year!
What should you do when important clients are visiting Sarasota for work and leisure?

Helping you transport and entertain out of town guests is one of our specialties. Choose from any one of our luxury vehicles for daytime business limousine services. Swap to one of our signature armored vehicles at night and dominate the Tampa party scenes. No matter what the executive transportation needs; our clients arrive on time and in style with Longboat Limousine. Your satisfaction is our corporate guarantee

Can I be absolutely certain that my chauffeur will be well qualified?
Longboat Limousine continually makes an effort to attract, train and develop solid, professional, certified chauffeurs. All Longboat Limousine chauffeurs undergo extensive interviewing, classroom training and testing, along with a minimum of 36 hours of comprehensive behind-the-wheel training. Additionally, a complete background check is made on their driving record to ensure there have been no violations, arrests or convictions along with a reference check on work ethic, attitude and professionalism. A criminal background check assures that your chauffeur has a spotless record. Proper licensing in accordance with the DMV, and other regulatory agencies is mandatory for all chauffeurs. The DMV monitors our chauffeurs with a pull notice program. In the event that there is any activity on a chauffeurs driving record we are notified immediately to address and correct the issue. Furthermore, all Chauffeurs employed by Longboat Limousine are subject to random drug testing. An on-going training program is in effect along with motivational programs geared at keeping the level of service offered to our clients clearly focused, professional and absolutely committed to your complete satisfaction. We are committed to providing you with the best chauffeurs in the industry.

Green Initiatives

We are very sensitive to our environmental footprint; after all we live in the most beautiful area in the world! Our entire fleet uses synthetic oils and fluids (no petroleum!). Our newest LimoVan is a flexfuel vehicle. Our Cadillac Limousines actually get up to 20mpg and seat up to 10 passengers. The industry accepted term is PMPG. Passenger Miles Per Gallon. This means that our Cadillac Limousines are actually more environmentally sensitive than a Prius! Our new boat uses all synthetic fluids (no petroleum!). This vessel is a tier 2 Ultra Low Emissions vehicle as well as being high output! Longboat Limousine utilizes a vendor that collects and recycles ALL used oils and fluids! All used newspaper products are recycled as well as all beverage containers. These efforts all require a little more work and expense….But isn’t it worth it!

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